Saturday, June 21, 2008

My life.

Well. I haven't posted anything in months. Frankly, I haven't had time.
Okay, thats a lie. I have had time. But I forgot.

Not to say that I wasn't busy. Because I was really busy during May.

So I'll just start with May since thats about as far back as I remember.

May 10th was my 14th birthday :D Woo! We got cake and stuff, but I didn't really celebrate. My mom says that we'll do that sometime soon. After that... I had EOG testing, and I missed the reading test so I had to make that up later. It was all really easy though. Then we had EOC testing, which is kinda the same as EOG's but harder. A lot harder. To me. I found it quite difficult. But I still made a 4 :D

Then I had to deal with all those little extra dance practices that Mrs. Beth added in, because our recital was on the 24th or 26th or something. It went really well. I only messed up a few unnoticible times. Which is very good. And my dad took recordings of all the dances, and I put two of them on youtube. I actually had 5 dances per show, but I only put the two best recordings. It takes a long time for a 3 minute video to upload xD
And you can look for them if you want. My username is AnnieTyler92.
I'm the one thats usually in the second row with the short brown hair and good timing. I'm generally covered up by Becca or Melissa or Morgan. Grr. But the big video that everybody sees is shot from the front of the stage, so you can see me from that angle. But that video isn't on youtube. Just the one my dad took.

My hands hurt now.

Umm... on the last day of school, we didn't have to wear uniforms. I found that out about 2 days before summer vacation :D So I wore my 'give peas a chance' shirt, my skinny jeans (not the best choice for that kind of weather!) and my new *dun dun dun duuuuuuun!* knee high converses!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I had a spring ball after the recital. I wore a really cute little pink dress with a bow, and a buncha necklaces, and my knee high converses. Then I got kicked out for wearing them, and my dad had to bring me more shoes and whatnot. I really only stayed for the chocolate mousse.

So anyway. After that last day of school, me and Taylor walked down to Steak N' Hoagie, and we got some foooooooood! And uhh... some other people were there too, which was a shame, because one of the reasons that we went to steak n' hoagie was because we thought that there wouldn't be as many people there. But noooooo! Peeople just had to come! Pfft.

So then my dad picked me and Taylor up, and drove us to my house. Taylor got to meet all our new kittens (one of the strays had a litter of kittens in our back yard, and we found another kitten a few weeks later. Their names are Posie, Ponyboy, Dally, Darry, Soda, Johnny, and Claudette (Clawdette) Monet. My mom wanted to name most of them after outsiders characters.) and she just got to hang out. Then her mom came over and got me and her and took us over to their new appartment! They haven't been there long, but they're really happy to be away from Harold. So Taylor and I just kinda sat around for a while, then we went to go play tennis, but it had just got finished sprinkling, and it was really humid, so we didn't play for more that 5 minutes. Instead we went back to the apartment. We went swimming the next day. Then I got sickish and had to go home :/

Umm... oh yeah. This is sad news :( Taylor's grandfather (Kathy's dad) is really sick. He's got cancer :/ and he doesn't have much longer.
So pray for them.

But anyway... lets see... what else can I think of...

Hmm... I've been cleaning my room. I already cleaned out my desk (by cleaning, I mean going through every single paper, pencil, note, etc.) and the top of my bookshelf, my closet, and I sorta straightened up my dresser. I'm about to have my dad install this little multi-level shelf thing above my bookcase so that I can put makeup and nail polish and whatnot on it. Maybe other stuff. I don't really know. I'll figure it out. All I know is that I need places to put things.
I just have to clean off my vanity, maybe clean it out alltogether and take it out of my room. It takes up too much space. I have to go through the stuff on my nightstand, and clean up a few extra things just laying on my floor. I also have a big box that has yardsale stuff in it. Its nothing special though.

Oh yeah... PRODUCT ENDORSEMENT TIME!!! I might have spelled endorsement wrong... oh well. Anyway. Theres this REALLY TOTALLY AWESOME lotion that I've been using. I got it for Christmas a few years ago in a little spa package that my mom got for all the girls in the family. On the bottle it reads:
from the dead sea
Minerals from the Dead Sea are filled with nature's rejuvenating forces and will pamper your skin with beauty essence renowned since the days of Cleopatra.
Wild Kiwi
For all skin types
6.8 fl. oz (200 ml)

It smells SO GOOD! And it works good too!


Just thought I'd enlighten you with that last little factoid. Thing.

The end.

Friday, January 25, 2008

After a long month of not posting...

...Hello! Okay. Nothings been going on. Well, stuff has. But not quite as major as previous things.

I'll elaborate on some of the more important things.

First. For Christmas I got some awesome socks. Pink converses, a really cool Hello Kitty pocketbook, a tablet, some DS games, clothes... whatnot.


Next was Rachel's birthday party. I got her the most awesome gift ever!
Red converses.
She loves red.
And converses.
So its perfect.

Her party was fun.
There were a bunch of people from Crest there that I didn't know, but I met them all and they're very nice.
I went to the movies with Rachel a few weeks later and saw a bunch of the same people. It was cool.

Umm... Other than that nothing much has happened. I was out of school for a week a few days ago. Thursday we had a snow day (first one in two years!) and Friday all we'd be doing in school is watching High School Musical 2 so my mom let me stay home. The next days were Saturday and Sunday (Dur.) Monday was MLKJ day. Tuesday and Wednesday were teacher work days. So... this week all I had was Thursday and Friday.

Well as for now I'm really glad its the weekend. I wish it were a long weekend, but a regular weekend will do.

I also thought you'd like to know that in June, I stopped eating cow. I don't like eating cows. They're too cute.
I haven't eaten cow in about 9 months.

Saturday, December 22, 2007


So I have a feeling this will be a long post, seeing as I've been too busy with Christmas to do little daily updates and whatnot.

Umm... I'll start with some of the important things that have happened.

At the Christmas Parade, Rachel brought her new phone. Normally, this would've been totally awesome, but she didn't have pockets, she just had this little clip thingey. So she had it clipped on her pants, but they kept pulling her pants down so I suggested that we clip it to the inside of my hoodie pocket. Well all was fine and dandy till mid-parade when I did a leap and Rachel's phone must have fallen out of my pocket! When we got to the end of the parade, Rachel said, "Wheres my phone?" and I got this gosh awful look on my face, then immediately bolted back into the street and started walking up and down asking everybody I knew if they'd seen her phone! Rachel followed and we even tried calling her phone once or twice, but nobody answered.
Well by now you can guess that my dad and her dad aren't too happy with us. So my dad leaves early because he has to go to this choir thing at the church. Well, after a really long time and a lot of guilt, we give up and say that somebody took the phone. We walk over to a police officer and ask if we can use his phone to call our parents and he says sure, but we're so cold that our fingers are numb and we can't dial correctly, so he has to dial for us. Well, my dad didn't pick up, but Rachel's dad did, and said that he was taking me home. So we walked on over to where he said his car was, got in, and just kinda sat there in silence while he took me home.
When I got home I went inside and pretty much started bawling. Partially from the guilt, partially from the cold. Finally I calm down and my mom tells me that Mrs. Sue (a lady at APA and a good friend of Rachel's family) had found the phone, and that we did two and a half hours of walking in the freezing cold for nothing.


But I'm also relived. So as I start to warm up I notice that two of my fingers (my right pinkey and my left ring finger) are REALLY REALLY white! My mom tried massaging them and getting the blood back into them, but they were still snow white! So I start crying again because I'm afraid that my fingers are going to fall off! Well, they start to return to normal after about half an hour, but I was still really freaked out.

Next Story.

She's okay though.

But what happened, was one morning I woke up earlier than usual, and my dad was just letting Olive inside when I came downstairs. After a few minutes of petting her, he comes in and says 'Olive got hit by a car,' and at first I think, 'WHAT?!' but then I realize, Oh, she's sitting right beside me and she looks perfectly fine, so she must be okay.
Apparently she ran out in front of a truck, and the truck smacked her in the side. Then she kinda went unconcious and stuff... and my dad thought she was dead, so he picked her up and carried her down to the vet, who thankfully is right up the street! He examined her and gave her three shots, so she was tired the rest of the day, but she's okay now. She just has a few bruises and scabs. (Dog scabs look like that stuff you see on the bottom of rugs and carpets... its kinda creepy)

lol... I just looked at Olive as I was typing this, and she was lying in her crate with her teeth around two of the rungs just looking at me. Then after a minute she kinda let go and licked it, as if to apologize.

Umm... well, my parents are wrapping presents for me in the living room, and I'm not allowed to go anywhere near there, which is really bad cause the stairs are near the living room and the good bathroom is upstairs and I really have to pee...
I don't wanna use the one down here though because its like... small and dark and cold.

Well I suppose I'll do some holiday cleaning on this side of the house. Only two days till Christmas Eve!
(In about 35 minutes it'll only be one day!)

Sunday, December 9, 2007

On a quick note

In my previous post, you'll notice I had a picture of a giant disco ball ornament.

Well, while looking back at it, I noticed something.
You see, our house is always infested with ladybugs in the winter...


Okay! I haven't posted anything in 19 days!

I've been busy. I'd love to update you on every single detail of whats going on in my life, but I'll skip all the boring stuff and go straight to today.

So. I woke up lateish today. Yeah... and I went downstairs and was wondering what I was going to have for breakfast, and then my wonderfully awesome dad comes up and says, "Well... I guess I can make pancakes" and that made me go, "YEAH!!!"
So I did the dishes while he made the pancakes, and we all had a nice little breakfast.

After that Daddy came up and played Tomb Raider with me (these tomb raider moments are some of the few that I actually get to spend quality time with him) and that was fun. But... then I had to go to parade practice. APA (A.K.A. Academy of Performing Arts A.K.A. Where I take dance) is always in the Christmas Parade uptown. Its cool.

Rachel (one of my best friends) was supposed to be there, but she forgot and so I had to go without her.
But she also had to come and pick up a girl who was there, so when we were leaving I got to see her (and her new phone!!!) and yeah.

Then I went home and picked out a gag gift for the progressive dinner that we were having at church.

Lemme explain to you how this progressive dinner works.
Everybody buys a gag gift (you know, something stupid and miniscule, like soap or a ketchup bottle) and brings it to the church at 4. Then we split into two groups (middle school and high school) and go to the designated houses. Now, I have no idea what went on in the high school group, so I'll just tell you about the middle school group. Well, first we went to Ryanne's house for appetizers, but I have no idea what they had because I was actually late and missed the appetizers. However, my mom was in charge of making the salad and had to bring it to the church about an hour into the dinner, so I got to go along with her, and catch up then.
Well I also got to help make the salad (and Lindsey doen't like carrots in her salad, so I made her a special one, and now she loves me) so that was kinda interesting.
After the groups got back from their appetizer house they all went into the dining room at the church and had salad and lasagna and stuff. I think the lasagna might have had something funkey in it, because my mom and I both didn't feel good afterwards.
So then it was dessert time, and we went to Allison Hendee's house. Its like, SO awesome! It has a cool spiral staircase... and its awesome. For desert we had things like... brownies and chocolate covered strawberries and peanut butter cheesecake!
Then it was gag gift time! Now what happens here is that everybody goes and draws a number. The person with the lowest number goes first. So... they go and pick a gift and all that. They unwrap it. Then the next person can either go unwrap another, or you can steal the gift of the person(s) that have gone before you. However, the gifts have a maximum amount of times that they can be stolen. (2, this time)
I was second to go, and when I did I picked out this big gold box. When I opened it, there was a HUGE sparkley disco-ball-like ornament inside! BIGGER THAN YOUR HEAD!

See? Huge!

Well... Nanci stole it from me later, so I stole her dancing chipmunk. Then Nick stole the disco ornament from Nanci, and he and I planned to swap after it was over since he wanted the chipmunk more than I did.

Before I go though, I have to tell you about the fruitcake tradition.
Two years ago, somebody bought a little fruitcake as a gag gift.
Well, one person opened it, and was forever cursed with fruitcakeyness.
So now everybody always brings fruitcake to those things.
I think next year I'll get a WHOLE BUNCH of people to bring fruitcakes.

Friday, November 30, 2007


Mrs. Willis was nice today!!!
She's my math teacher.
Well anyway, we got handed our progress reports on Tuesday, and I'd forgotten to get them all signed... so she was gonna make me and a few other people stay after school for two hours, but then a little later she said four hours... not nice.

But then she got all nice, because after school when I went into her room, she just kinda said 'Eh, its okay. You can go. No need to stay.' AND IT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME, DUDE!

Umm... Oh yeah. Also, Taylor's birthday is tomorrow, and so I'll be at her house (with my laptop, of course)
I'll have her and Becky type hello's and whatnot.

Ciao for now!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Everybody! Hi!

Okie Dokie.

Well... not much has been going on. But we did put up the Christmas tree two days ago (the day after my previous post)

Umm... Well... schools going okay. In art we're doing this cool collage project where we cut out a sillouhette and paste our head on it, then we add things (like for me it would be dance shoes, puppies and kitties... maybe awesome socks) that represent us.

New subject.

There are two 8th grade Drama classes. Mr. Padgett (the director) said that this year, one of the eigth grade classes would get to perform our play (Grease) on stage! Like... the big audotorium stage! We usually just have this puny little stage which is sort of cute in a puny way. But he selected our class!!!
I feel kinda bad for the other class though because one of my best friends, Taylor, is in that class and she really wanted to do it :/
It turns out one of the main reasons Mr. Padgett chose our class over the other one is because their Danny (Carson) was freaked out about singing up there by himself, and our Danny (Brady) is so 'experienced' with that kind of thing.


Brady always gets the lead roles. He was Tweedledum (or Tweedledee... I can't remember which) in Alice in Wonderland, he was Ralph in The Best Christmas Pagent Ever, Peter in Peter Pan, Conrad Birdie in Bye-Bye Birdie, and Pongo in 101 Dalmatians.


I think Mr. Padgett favors him. Either that, or he's afraid of Brady's dad, Mr. Wease, who is the main gym teacher person.